Witty Title!

Jun 4

Sexy Giveaway Time*

Right Tumblrfans, I’ve got a giveaway planned…all you have to do is click on the pictures below and vote for them to be printed at Qwertee.com.

You don’t have to do all of them only those you like (but if you are signing up to vote for one…wheres the harm in dong them all? :P)

Thereafter (big word, eh?) just re-blog this and add the title of the t-shirt you voted for (if voted for all just put your favourite). 

If/when any of my designs here make it to the print stage at qwertee.com I’ll select, at random, one of those tumlrinos that (after voting) has added the name of that particular design when re-blogging and you’ll have a spanking new printed tee on the way to your home to wear with pride and look awesome in.

As an extra, if you vote but are not particularly fussed with my choices at Qwertee.com you can go to  my Redbubble and state a design of your preference there and I’ll send one of those instead (remember to put the name of the design you first voted for at qwertee as well)

I gather that this might sound like a plea for votes on my part but let me assure you is isn’t…it is a DESPERATE plea for votes ;)

Here are the designs: 


Cheers, big ears!


*sorry, the use of the word sexy was a deliberate misdirection in order to garner more interest. My bad :P